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Latest Shoe Trends and Sales

  • Crocs for Kids

    Crocs for Kids

    Crocs For Kids

    It’s a fact — kids are hard on shoes. If it seems like you’re replacing your kids’ shoes even faster than they’re growing out of them, you know just how important it is to find kids shoes that last. The good news is that there are shoes tough enough to stand up to playtime and keep kiddos happy with fun styles and colors, too. Crocs are the perfect shoes for kids!

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  • How to Wash Hey Dude Shoes

    How to Wash Hey Dude Shoes

    How to Wash Hey Dudes Shoes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

    We love Hey Dude shoes for their comfort and style. They’re often the first pair we reach for when we’re ready to head out the door. With all that day-to-day wear, they can get a bit dirty. How do we keep those beloved Hey Dudes clean and looking their best? Luckily, cleaning Hey Dude shoes is a breeze. Just one more of the many things to love about them.

    To make it even easier to keep your Hey Dudes clean, here’s a quick guide. We'll cover how to clean Hey Dude shoes of all types, including canvas, linen, boots, sandals, leather, and flip flops. The good news is that most Hey Dude shoes can be cleaned in the washing machine. 

    Hey Dudes are designed to be durable as well as fashionable, so just follow these simple steps and you can extend the life of your favorite shoes. Read on for tips on how to treat different shoe materials.

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  • Top 10 Reasons to Love Crocs Shoes

    Top 10 Reasons to Love Crocs Shoes

    Brand Spotlight: Crocs

    Irreverent, iconic, and never dull. This is the brand that revolutionized comfort shoes. No wonder everyone loves them from moms and dads to kids, too. Here are 10 reasons we love Crocs followed by 10 of our favorites. 

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  • Finding Your Right Shoe Size Online

    Finding Your Right Shoe Size Online

    Online Shoe Shopping Success

    What could be easier or more fun than shopping for shoes online? Who doesn’t love browsing all your favorite brands and checking out the latest styles from the comfy confines of the couch. Click and it’s in your cart and on its way. There can be a few challenges, like how to know your shoe size online. Finding the right shoe size when you can’t try things on right away isn't as hard as you might think. With a few tips and tricks and a better understanding about how shoe sizes work you can order shoes online with confidence.

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  • Spring 2023 Shoe Trends

    Spring 2023 Shoe Trends

    Spring Shoe Looks You Want Now

    Put some extra spring in your step! (We couldn't resist.) At last, warmer weather is on the way with an invitation to kick up your heels, whether they be chunky sneakers, gladiator snandals, or the new favorite loafers. Women's shoes for spring are back with so many great looks trending.

    After scouring the runways and fashion reports, we've pulled together a list of the top trends showing up for spring. Here's our shoe-centered take on the buy-now sandals, heels, and sneakers to step out in this season. Take a leap to try something new — red and shine are crushing it — or update one of the styles with continued momentum, like chunky soles and white sneakers. We've chosen some of this season's best in the examples below. Also watch for the return of perennial classics like loafers, slingbacks and Mary Janes.

    Spring is finally here and we are here for it! Shoe Sensation is your online shoe source for the latest trends. Adding new shoes to your fashion rotation is an easy and affordable way to get going on a seasonal wardbrobe update.

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  • Best Dress Shoes for Kids Spring 2023

    Best Dress Shoes for Kids Spring 2023

    Ready, Set, Spring into Kids’ Shoes for Special Events

    As the days get longer and flowers bloom, spring brings with it an air of celebration. From Easter egg hunts and Passover Seder to family weddings and graduations, spring flings abound this season and you'll need shoes for special occasions. The kids will, too.

    The styles for kids' dress shoes this spring include shimmery pastels, rhinestone sparkles, and classic staple shoes for both boys and girls. Ballet flats get fancy in faux suede while little block heels let girls feel some glamor. Shoes for boys go from basic to detailed in loafers, lace-ups, and slip-on styles.  

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  • Brand Spotlight: Skechers Slip Ins

    Brand Spotlight: Skechers Slip Ins

    Brand Spotlight: Skechers Slip-ins

    Slip-in & Go!

    Skechers invites everyone to have happy feet. It’s easy with Skechers Hands Free Slip-ins™. Just step into effortless style and comfort designed with their exclusive Heel Pillow™.


    Slip in, slip on - what is this new trend all about?

    It’s definitely one of the major trends for spring/summer with slip-on styles even showing up at fashion events around the world. Stylish and easy, they are the ideal combo. At last, we don’t have to struggle to get into our shoes and we don’t have to compromise comfort or fashion because there are so many looks to choose from. Why didn’t the shoe people think of this years ago? Okay, so yes there were loafers, but this is something new!

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  • Hey Dude Shoes - Ready for Whatever

    Hey Dude Shoes

    Hey Dude, What’s the Story?

    Seems like Hey Dude shoes are everyone's new favorite. No suprise, with their comfy style. Ever wonder where those cool, comfy, almost-like-wearing-slippers Hey Dude sneakers came from? Here’s some intel on everyone’s new fave kicks with the California-vibe.

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  • 6 Mother's Day Gifts She'll Love 2023

    6 Mother's Day Gifts She'll Love 2023

    2023 Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Mom’s special day is on the way, so now is the time to shop for perfect Mother's Day presents that will make her smile. Moms love cute shoes and good deals, but what to do if you're not sure of her size or how the shoe will fit for her? The Shoe Sensation accessories section can solve these gift-giving dilemmas. Check this Mother's Day gift guide for some clever ideas for great gifts for the great moms in your life.

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  • Birkenstock Brand Spotlight

    Birkenstock Brand Spotlight

    Good for You, Good for Your Feet

    Loyal Fans Love Their Birks

    Of course they do! Birkenstock shoes have been a popular choice for decades, loved for their supreme comfort and unique design. That flexible footbed is like a dream come true for your feet. And it’s been part of their design forever, known as the “blue footbed.”

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  • Best Adidas Women’s Running Shoes: 2023 Edition

    Best Adidas Women’s Running Shoes

    Top 5 Adidas Shoes for Women on the Run

    Adidas running shoes for women have long-supported the feet of some of the world's fastest females, starting back in 1928 when Lina Radke set an Olympic world record wearing Adidas track spikes.

    Today, women running in Adidas athletic shoes are still breaking records. In September 2021, Anges Tirop and Senbere Teferi shattered two long-standing times, setting new fastest stats in the 10K and 5K, respectively. Their athletic shoes of choice for such feats: Adidas.


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  • How To Store Winter Shoes & Boots

    How To Store Winter Shoes & Boots

    2023 Winter Shoes & Boots Storage Tips

    When nature turns on the brights of spring, it's not just a signal to creatures great and small. The season of renewal also signals to us that the time has come for some needed spring cleaning. After a dreary winter, packing up the snow boots, heavy treads, and fur trims to make room for sandals, dress shoes, and canvas sneakers is one of the joys spring brings.

    But that also means getting clever with the way you store your winter shoes. Here are 5 helpful winter shoe & boot storage tips to make space for spring and summer footwear.

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  • Best Rain Boots for Kids 2023

    Best Rain Boots for Kids 2023

    Spring Forecast: It's Raining New Kids Boots

    Rain? Check.

    Coat? Check.

    Boots? Check them off the list with these new styles for 2023. Kids rain boots are here to make navigating stormy days a little more fun for everyone.

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  • The Top Work Boots for Winter 2023

    The Top Work Boots for Winter 2023

    The Best Work Boots to Get the Job Done

    Those who work hard and play hard know just how important it is to have the right tools for the job. Rain and snow are no joke on the job site, so investing in quality work shoes is essential. But you also want to know which are going to be the most comfortable work boots. Boots that will stand up to being on your feet all day or defying the weather. You want boots that can keep feet warm, dry and protected. And safety boots with features like steel toes and boots that give you traction on slick surfaces. We’ve got all that and more from the brands you trust in the toughest conditions.

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  • Top Picks for Valentine’s 2023

    Top Picks for Valentine’s 2023

    Love and romance are in the air! And just in time to fight off those mid-winter blahs. Looking for some special shoes to spice up your wardrobe this February? Here's our 2023 list of Valentine’s Day faves. We can't even count all the reasons to love these picks. No matter what your plans this Valentine's Day, you really don’t need a holiday. Treat yourself or someone special to a new pair of shoes and watch the mood improve.

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  • Shoe Sensation Serves Our Community

    Shoe Sensation Serves Our Community

    Your Community Shoe Store

    For us at Shoe Sensation, giving isn’t just for the holiday season. As community members of the cities and towns where we live and work, we are proud to be your neighborhood shoe store. We have well over 200 stores throughout the country, offering a huge selection of quality brands and the latest trends for the entire family. But even more important than the shoes are the people who wear them. 

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  • Welcome The New Year with Shoes that Dazzle

    Welcome The New Year with Shoes that Dazzle

    Countdown to 2023: Celebrate in Style!

    5 - 4- 3 -2 -1!

    Happy New Year!!

    Let’s get ready to celebrate! Whether you’re staying in or going out, there’s no better excuse for a sassy new pair of fancy shoes than a brand new year. Treat yourself to something sparkly to wear this winter and chase away the winter blahs. Here are five festive faves as we countdown to 2023.

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  • How to Make Your Family's Shoes Last Longer

    How to Make Your Family's Shoes Last Longer

    Get More Wear from Athletic Shoes, Canvas & Leather

    Kids play hard and you run hard — whether all over town, at work, or on the trails and treadmills. Today's busy families live full lives and the shoes can show it. The scuffs and scrapes tell the tales of playground games, fun runs, and long, active days. So what are the best ways to care for men's, women's and kids' shoes to make them last longer?

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  • 2022 Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

    2022 Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

    Best Men's Shoes to Gift This Year

    Start shoe shopping now for holiday gifts for the men in your life, and enjoy the best selections from our Shoe Sensation collections. From sneakers and boots to athletic bags and hats, there are so many styles to make their holidays merry. Deals abound this year, so get started and make the most of the season. 

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  • Shoe Sensation Named to America’s Best Customer Service 2023

    Shoe Sensation Named to America’s Best Customer Service 2023

    Best Customer Service Award

    Shoe Sensation named #1 on Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Customer Service 2023 in the Brick & Mortar - Footwear Retailer Category

    Our customers are the best. We have always prided ourselves on being part of the communities where we live and work — neighbors helping neighbors — doing all we can to help our communities thrive. Sure we offer all the best brands at great prices, but it’s the people who make it all worth it. Taking care of each other. Doing things the right way because that’s just the right thing to do. Seems what we do naturally is something others find exceptional.

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  • 2022 Women’s Holiday Gift Guide

    2022 Women’s Holiday Gift Guide

    Best Women’s Gifts for Shoe Lovers

    Holiday shopping is here! This festive winter season is starting earlier than ever (see our Black Friday Guide for reasons why), so it's time to get your gift-giving mind in motion. We’re here to help jumpstart your holiday shopping with presents that are sure to please. Plan now so you can enjoy the holidays without rush  . Great holiday deals abound at Shoe Sensation because shoes make a perfect gift.

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  • 2022 Kids’ Holiday Gift Guide

    2022 Kids’ Holiday Gift Guide

    Our Biggest Shoe Gift Guide for Kids

    Happy holidays are on the way! Bring even more joy to the season of good cheer with new kicks for the kids this year. With light-up heels, bling embellishments, and animated characters, the gift of shoes will be just as fun as toys.

    From sneakers to snow boots, casual shoes to holiday best for dress, there's a whole collection of kids' shoes in this shopping guide for gift giving in 2022.

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  • Black Friday Shopping Guide 2022

    Black Friday Shopping Guide 2022

    What's New for Black Friday 2022

    For those who saw Christmas trees lining the aisles at big-box retailers in September, we hear your outcries! But the trend of the holiday shopping season starting early is one experts are predicting is here to stay. 

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  • Kid-Friendly Halloween Shoes for Every Costume

    Halloween shoes for kids

     Halloween Shoes for Kids

    When it comes to trick-or-treat, footwear is just plain tricky. (Parents, can you relate?) Great costumes go from head to toe, and if the feet aren't outfitted in a matching dress-up design, it distracts from the whole Halloween look. When ruby slippers or moon boots just aren't practical, we've got some substitutes that are durable enough to withstand some serious sugar-fueled, outdoor kid energy.

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  • Brand Spotlight: Charly Athletic Shoes

    Brand Spotlight: Charly Athletic Shoes

    Charly: from Soccer Cleats to Running Sneaks

    Charly's origin story as a shoe company dates back to 1949-50 in Mexico, but eight years ago in 2014, the athletic shoe and apparel brand claimed a top spot on the soccer pitch. With the launch of Charly Fútbol, it entered the high-stakes game of outfitting Mexican soccer clubs in Liga MX, firmly grounding its clout to compete with the largest athletic shoe brands.

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  • 2022 Best Athletic Sports Shoes—Cleats and More!

    2022 Best Athletic Sports Shoes—Cleats and More!

    Your Sports Shoe Gear Guide

    Let the games begin! From team sports to individual events, get ready to compete—and win—in the top athletic shoes for 2022. Since happy, healthy feet can make the difference between a good season and a great one, it’s well worth investing in a quality pair. Bonus points for performance technology features. Kick your sports shoe game into high gear, shop here for kids' cleats, soccer spikes, and men’s and women’s styles for diamonds and courts.

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  • Best Outdoor Shoes for Everyone in the Family

    Best Outdoor Shoes for Everyone in the Family

    Go Outside & Play

    Whether splashing around in summertime or booting up for an autumn outdoors, the shoes you choose are of utmost importance. No one likes a blister, slip, or freezing feet to ruin a day of play, so consider special features when family shoe shopping. Our footwear brands offer all kinds of options for comfort, support, weather, and tread.

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  • 5 Easy Tips for Back-to-School 2022

    5 Easy Tips for Back-to-School 2022

    5 Easy Tips for Back-to-School Success

    Back to School always seems to come so fast. Weren’t we just celebrating continuation ceremonies and looking forward to all the fun of summertime break? How is it possible these kids are growing up so fast? It’s true what they say—that the years are short even though the days can be long. Suddenly there are a million details to think about and back-to-school lists take over the to-do list. We’re here to help with a few simple ideas to make things easier this year.

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  • Hottest Kids’ Sneakers for Back to School

    Hottest Kids’ Sneakers for Back to School

    Hottest Kids' Sneakers for Back to School

    Parents love sneakers for the healthy support and all-day wearability they provide. But for kids, a new pair of kicks is all about style. Luckily, there’s no need for either side to compromise, thanks to this season’s selection of comfy, well-made, super-stylish sneakers.

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  • Are Skechers Sneakers Good for Walking? Yes! Here’s Why.

    Woman Sitting

    Walk in Skechers & Get Your Steps In

    Need some inspiration to get up and get your body moving? You've come to the right shoe trend blog! When motivation is low, nothing can jumpstart exercise inspiration better than a new pair of sneakers or athletic shoes. And Skechers has just the right activity styles. 

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  • Top 5 Skate Shoes

    Top 5 Skate Shoes

    Made for Shredding— Our Top 5 Skate Shoes

    Mastering new tricks on summer to-do lists? Check out this top 5 list of shoes for skateboarding in style...and with support. Our skate shoe HQ delivers for all fans, from serious skaters working on heelflips to shoe connoisseurs creating a look. Here are some of our top picks for the season, along with tips on choosing the right shoe for you.

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  • Skechers Shoes for Healthcare Workers

    Heathcare Worker

    Skechers Healthcare Shoes Top Picks

    Aching feet are no fun. Extended hours on the feet are a common concern among healthcare workers. Supportive, well-made shoes are a must to keep every part of the skeleton system supported, from the feet and ankles to the hips and spine. And comfort is critical in order to stay laser-focussed on the essential tasks at hand.

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  • The Best Shoes for Preschool

    Preschool Child

    Sneakers & Sandals Preschoolers Will Love

    They've mastered walking...and jumping and running, so the shoes to get them through their first years of footwear are crucial. And also—adorable. From playful to practical, when it comes to decking out your preschooler, comfort and convenience will be high on your list of must-haves. But there’s plenty of room to have fun with style, too. After all, it’s never too early to learn self-expression!

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  • The Most Durable Shoes for Kids

    Most Durable Kids Shoes

    These Sturdy Kids Shoes Will Last Until They Outgrow Them

    It's no secret that kids — no matter how adorable — are tough on shoes. From scuffed toes to strange smells, mangling footwear is an ongoing ritual of childhood. Here are the best shoes for kids who are hard on their footwear.

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  • Best Back-to-School Shoes: Kindergarten Edition

    Feet and Legs of Children Walking

    New Shoes for Kindergarten: Our Top Picks

    Mini backpacks, little lunch boxes, and fun new pairs of tiny sneakers and shoes—the kindergarten checklist for the first day of school marks the start of a joyous back-to-school shopping ritual that will last for years.

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  • Top 12 Infant and Toddler Shoes for 2022

    Top 12 Infant and Toddler Shoes for 2022

    Cute Shoes, Little Feet

    Whether they're just getting used to this brand new world, or now getting the hang of walking and talking, there’s a closetful of cute shoes for babies and toddlers in 2023.

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  • Best Cozy Slippers for 2023

    Best Cozy Slippers for 2023

    Got Cold Feet? Slide into These Warm Comfy Slippers

    Welcome to the retreat for your feet. A cushy landing spot lined in faux fur. This handy guide is perfectly timed for slipper season. But, then again, don't you deserve a break from foot fatigue all year long? When the weather calls for soft and snuggly, answer with a warm, plush slipper. And when the temps start to rise again, slip into a house shoe with enough cushion for the next best thing to a foot massage.

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  • Best Snow Boots: 2022 Edition

    Best Snow Boots: 2022 Edition

    Your Guide to Winter Boots for the Whole Family

    With 2022 making its snowy start, there's no better time to update your boot options. Here's a refresher on our top three tips for happy winter feet.

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    The call for fall: cute boots! Along with football and pumpkin-flavored everything, the return of fall footwear is one of the true joys of the season. After sweating through summer in flip-flops and sneakers, there’s something exhilarating about shopping for new fall shoes, specifically ladies’ boots. 

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  • Your Summer 2023 Guide to Water Shoes for the Entire Family

    Your Summer 2023 Guide to Water Shoes for the Entire Family

    Planning on Spending Your Summer in the Water? Here's Our Picks for Water Shoes.

    School’s out and the summer vibe is going strong. It’s time to make a splash. Hit the beach, pool, or even the hiking trail with these top water shoes and treat your feet to a summer vacation.

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  • Seven Fun Facts About Shoes

    Seven Fun Facts About Shoes

    7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Shoes

    Shoes are a part of our every day.  Though we all love our shoes and it’s so much fun to shop the season’s new styles, on some level, we take shoes and socks for granted. Here are seven fun facts about shoes that might surprise you!

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  • How to Clean Canvas Shoes

    How to Clean Canvas Shoes

    The Best Way to Keep Your Canvas Shoes Looking New

    Easy to Love
    You love the comfort and easy-breezy style of canvas shoes and they’re great for the kids, too. But how do you keep them looking clean? Especially when the kids play hard and get them so dirty you forget what color they actually are. The good news is that canvas shoes are easy to clean if you know how. Just another reason to love them.

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  • Your Guide to Shoe Shopping Online

    Your Guide to Shoe Shopping Online

    Tips for Shoe Shopping Success

    You need new shoes. Okay, so maybe you really just want new shoes, but either way, you’ve decided to treat yourself to some online shoe shopping. Can’t hurt to look, right?

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  • Leather Shoe Care: A Complete Guide

    How to Clean Leather Shoes

    How to Care for Leather Shoes

    Shop for leather shoes and leather boots at Shoe Sensation

    There’s a reason we love leather shoes: they hold up brilliantly to whatever life — and Mother Nature — throw at them. That said, even the sturdiest pair will show wear over time without a little TLC. A few simple steps are all it takes to extend the life of your leather shoes or boots, and keep them looking their best while you’re at it. 

    While all leather benefits from proper care, not all leather is created equal. Heavy work boots call for different maintenance than lighter casual or dress shoes, and textured suede or nubuck has its own needs. If this is starting to sound complicated, don’t worry! We’ve broken it all down for you right here.

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  • Pick the Right Non-Slip Shoes to Keep Kids Sunny-Side Up!

    Best non-slip shoes for kids

    Non-slip shoes are everything when it comes to keeping kids on their feet. It’s a fact: high-energy kids are going to run, jump, clown around, and collide — even when they’re supposed to be walking. And while all that energy is mostly a good thing, there’s nothing positive about taking a spill on slick tile or hard pavement. That’s why non-slip construction is one of the most important qualities you can look for in an everyday kid’s shoe.

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  • Top Canvas Shoes for Summer Vibes All -Year Long

    Walking in Canvas Shoes

    Buying Guide to the Best Canvas Shoes

    Summertime all the Time

    Nothing says summer beach vibe like a good, comfortable canvas shoe and there’s no reason not to keep that summertime feeling going year-round. Our favorite picks highlight all the reasons to love canvas shoes. Whether you are looking for a classic or something that can go to work, we’ve got some great ideas for you.

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