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  • Top 12 Infant and Toddler Shoes for 2022

    Top 12 Infant and Toddler Shoes for 2022

    Cute Shoes, Little Feet

    Whether they're just getting used to this brand new world, or now getting the hang of walking and talking, there’s a closetful of cute shoes for babies and toddlers in 2022.

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  • Your Summer 2021 Guide to Water Shoes for the Entire Family

    Your Summer 2021 Guide to Water Shoes for the Entire Family

    Your Summer 2021 Guide to Water Shoes for the Entire Family

    School’s out and the summer vibe is going strong. It’s time to make a splash. Hit the beach, pool, or even the hiking trail with these top water shoes and treat your feet to a summer vacation.

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  • Seven Fun Facts About Shoes

    Seven Fun Facts About Shoes

    7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Shoes

    Shoes and socks. Socks and shoes. We put them on every morning (generally) and get on with our day. And though we all love our shoes and it’s so much fun to shop the season’s new styles, on some level, we take shoes and socks for granted. Here are 6 fun facts about shoes that might surprise you!

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  • How to Clean Canvas Shoes

    How to Clean Canvas Shoes

    The Best Way to Keep Your Canvas Shoes Looking New

    Easy to Love
    You love the comfort and easy-breezy style of canvas shoes and they’re great for the kids, too. But how do you keep them looking clean? Especially when the kids play hard and get them so dirty you forget what color they actually are. The good news is that canvas shoes are easy to clean if you know how. Just another reason to love them.

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  • Leather Shoe Care: A Complete Guide

    How to Clean Leather Shoes

    How to Care for Leather Shoes

    Shop for leather shoes and leather boots at Shoe Sensation

    There’s a reason we love leather shoes: they hold up brilliantly to whatever life — and Mother Nature — throw at them. That said, even the sturdiest pair will show wear over time without a little TLC. A few simple steps are all it takes to extend the life of your leather shoes or boots, and keep them looking their best while you’re at it. 

    While all leather benefits from proper care, not all leather is created equal. Heavy work boots call for different maintenance than lighter casual or dress shoes, and textured suede or nubuck has its own needs. If this is starting to sound complicated, don’t worry! We’ve broken it all down for you right here.

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