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Latest Kids Shoes for all Seasons

  • Kid-Friendly Halloween Shoes for Every Costume

    Halloween shoes for kids

     Halloween Shoes for Kids

    When it comes to trick-or-treat, footwear is just plain tricky. (Parents, can you relate?) Great costumes go from head to toe, and if the feet aren't outfitted in a matching dress-up design, it distracts from the whole Halloween look. When ruby slippers or moon boots just aren't practical, we've got some substitutes that are durable enough to withstand some serious sugar-fueled, outdoor kid energy.

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  • 5 Easy Tips for Back-to-School 2022

    5 Easy Tips for Back-to-School 2022

    5 Easy Tips for Back-to-School Success

    Back to School always seems to come so fast. Weren’t we just celebrating continuation ceremonies and looking forward to all the fun of summertime break? How is it possible these kids are growing up so fast? It’s true what they say—that the years are short even though the days can be long. Suddenly there are a million details to think about and back-to-school lists take over the to-do list. We’re here to help with a few simple ideas to make things easier this year.

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  • Hottest Kids’ Sneakers for Back to School

    Hottest Kids’ Sneakers for Back to School

    Hottest Kids' Sneakers for Back to School

    Parents love sneakers for the healthy support and all-day wearability they provide. But for kids, a new pair of kicks is all about style. Luckily, there’s no need for either side to compromise, thanks to this season’s selection of comfy, well-made, super-stylish sneakers.

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  • Top 5 Skate Shoes

    Top 5 Skate Shoes

    Made for Shredding— Our Top 5 Skate Shoes

    Mastering new tricks on summer to-do lists? Check out this top 5 list of shoes for skateboarding in style...and with support. Our skate shoe HQ delivers for all fans, from serious skaters working on heelflips to shoe connoisseurs creating a look. Here are some of our top picks for the season, along with tips on choosing the right shoe for you.

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  • The Best Shoes for Preschool

    Preschool Child

    Sneakers & Sandals Preschoolers Will Love

    They've mastered walking...and jumping and running, so the shoes to get them through their first years of footwear are crucial. And also—adorable. From playful to practical, when it comes to decking out your preschooler, comfort and convenience will be high on your list of must-haves. But there’s plenty of room to have fun with style, too. After all, it’s never too early to learn self-expression!

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  • The Most Durable Shoes for Kids

    Most Durable Kids Shoes

    These Sturdy Kids Shoes Will Last Until They Outgrow Them

    It's no secret that kids — no matter how adorable — are tough on shoes. From scuffed toes to crushed heels to dirty laces and the strange smells, mangling footwear is an ongoing ritual of childhood.

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  • Best Back-to-School Shoes: Kindergarten Edition

    Feet and Legs of Children Walking

    New Shoes for Kindergarten: Our Top Picks

    Mini backpacks, little lunch boxes, and fun new pairs of tiny sneakers and shoes—the kindergarten checklist for the first day of school marks the start of a joyous back-to-school shopping ritual that will last for years.

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  • Top 12 Infant and Toddler Shoes for 2022

    Top 12 Infant and Toddler Shoes for 2022

    Cute Shoes, Little Feet

    Whether they're just getting used to this brand new world, or now getting the hang of walking and talking, there’s a closetful of cute shoes for babies and toddlers in 2022.

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  • Best Rain Boots for Kids 2022

    Best Rain Boots for Kids 2022

    Spring Forecast: It's Raining New Kids' Boots

    Rain? Check.

    Coat? Check.

    Boots? Check them off the list with these new styles for 2022. Kids' rain boots are here to make navigating stormy days a little more fun for everyone.

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  • Best Dress Shoes for Kids This Spring

    Best Dress Shoes for Kids This Spring

    Ready, Set, Spring into Kids’ Shoes for Special Events

    As the days get longer and flowers bloom, spring brings with it an air of celebration. From Easter egg hunts and Passover Seder to family weddings and graduations, spring flings abound this season and you'll need shoes for special occasions. The kids will, too.

    The styles for kids' dress shoes this spring include shimmery pastels, rhinestone sparkles, and classic staple shoes for both boys and girls. Ballet flats get fancy in faux suede while little block heels let girls feel some glamor. Shoes for boys go from basic to detailed in loafers, lace-ups, and slip-on styles.  

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  • Best Snow Boots: 2022 Edition

    Best Snow Boots: 2022 Edition

    Your Guide to Winter Boots for the Whole Family

    With 2022 making its snowy start, there's no better time to update your boot options. Here's a refresher on our top three tips for happy winter feet.

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  • Your Summer 2021 Guide to Water Shoes for the Entire Family

    Your Summer 2021 Guide to Water Shoes for the Entire Family

    Your Summer 2021 Guide to Water Shoes for the Entire Family

    School’s out and the summer vibe is going strong. It’s time to make a splash. Hit the beach, pool, or even the hiking trail with these top water shoes and treat your feet to a summer vacation.

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  • Your Guide to Shoe Shopping Online

    Your Guide to Shoe Shopping Online

    Tips for Shoe Shopping Success

    You need new shoes. Okay, so maybe you really just want new shoes, but either way, you’ve decided to treat yourself to some online shoe shopping. Can’t hurt to look, right?

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  • Pick the Right Non-Slip Shoes to Keep Kids Sunny-Side Up!

    Best non-slip shoes for kids

    Non-slip shoes are everything when it comes to keeping kids on their feet. It’s a fact: high-energy kids are going to run, jump, clown around, and collide — even when they’re supposed to be walking. And while all that energy is mostly a good thing, there’s nothing positive about taking a spill on slick tile or hard pavement. That’s why non-slip construction is one of the most important qualities you can look for in an everyday kid’s shoe.

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