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Born in Italy, Raised in the World
Hey Dude was born in the summer of 2008, when Italian footwear experts Alessandro and Dario wanted to share their brilliant idea with the world. They wanted to see comfortable, stylish, and affordable well-made shoes become the standard and not the exception. Hey Dude came to the U.S. in April 2010. Now that we know comfort can go anywhere, our feet haven’t been the same since.

Casual Style Ready for Whatever
Each new style is the promise of a new adventure. Hey Dude is all about going for it with their incredibly lightweight design and unique flex and fold technology. Toss a pair or two in your travel bag and you’ll be ready for anything.

A Slip On Treat for Your Feet
How refreshing to have shoes that feel this good. Plus, all that comfort doesn’t mean boring. Hey Dude has easy-going attitude with extra style points –  even fun extras like sparkle, sweet ties, and unexpected inside patterns only you know are there.

Toss & Wash
Hey Dude shoes can go right in the washing machine which makes them easy to keep looking good. Even the insoles are removable so you decide how much support you want.

Wally & Wendy
Who are they? Only the most famous of the Hey Dude line-up. One for him, one for her. With or without socks, these shoes are your new best friends.

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