Crocs for Winter

6 Reasons Crocs Belong in Your Winter Wardrobe

When you think of Crocs, you might imagine poolside fun or casual summer Sundays. But true fans of the lightweight footwear know that Crocs comfort doesn’t have to end with the change of seasons. We’re here with a shout-out for year-round Crocs, and six great reasons why everyone should hop aboard the winter Crocs train. Skeptical? That’s okay. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never take ‘em off. 

  1. They’re just. so. comfy. Anyone who’s ever slipped on a Croc knows they’re the ultimate comfort shoe. And it didn’t happen by accident. For nearly 20 years, patented insole technology has given Crocs a mold-to-the-foot feeling no other brand can match. If winter is the season for comfort food, comfort jammies, and comfort TV… why not comfort shoes? (And if they happen to be a joyful shade of purple, even better.)
    crocs-W10001 PURP
    Crocs Classic Clog
  2. They were made for cozy socks. Constructed for a roomy fit, Crocs pair like a charm with all your favorite snuggly winter socks. Layer ‘em up and you’ll be comfy and cozy on brisk winter days. If you live in a seriously cold climate, the fur-lined variety (available for both women and men) adds an extra layer of warmth.
    crocs-205377 280
    Classic Men’s Lined Crocs 

  3. They’re waterproof and washable. A little sleet or mud is no match for the sturdy construction of a Crocs clog. A thick outsole lifts the foot up away from wet surfaces, while fully waterproof, yet ventilated, material resists moisture and allows air flow. Best of all, if you do run into a muddy mess, cleanup is as easy as spraying ‘em down in the kitchen sink. (And they’ll be none the worse for wear.)
  4. They slip on and off. Here’s the problem with boots and sneakers: they’re a pain to get on and off. This means you’re way too likely to just clomp into the house, tracking winter mud and moisture all over the floor. It also means you’re prone to run out to the mailbox in your bare feet — brrr! Crocs come to the rescue with a shoe that slips on and off like a flip-flop, but protects like a sneaker. Problem solved! 
  5. They breathe easy. You know that fresh foot feeling you get with summer sandals? Turns out, you can actually experience it all year ‘round through the magic of Crocs-with-socks — the perfect combination of perforation and insulation!
  6. They don’t actually have to be clogs. Make no mistake, we are diehard champions of the quirky Crocs clog. From the crazy colors to the jibbitz charms, we love ‘em. But for those who crave Crocs comfort but aren’t quite ready to rock the Croc-sock combo, we present the Crocs loafer. Enjoy the same squishy insole technology that made the clog a classic, with a look that’s a bit more conventional for year ‘round wear. (Available for men and women.)
    Crocs Santa Cruz Men's Loafer
    Crocs Men's Santa Cruz Loafer

    Are Crocs the only winter shoe you’ll ever need? We wish! As long as blizzards blow, you’ll probably still need a good pair of boots in the mix, too. But for all those average-chilly days in the long, dark months ahead, Crocs are here to delight your soles, and your soul, with the simple joy of a fuss-free, ultra-comfy shoe. Happy winter!